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Mini Jeep Article from 1956

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Glenn forwarded this article from 1956 and featured in “Willys News”.


5 Comments on “Mini Jeep Article from 1956

  1. Brett

    I wonder why they print it a ‘Jeep’. They not only did it once but several times in the article. Maybe its a generalization but the why not ‘Caddies’? I have seen this before in print.
    Also has anyone ever noticed that in the news, traffic reports, etc that if a Jeep of any flavor is involved, they always seem to mention the name “Jeep”? They don’t name call the others lke Honda, Toyota, etc., they usually just say “vehicle”. Kind of neat.

  2. Craig B.

    Willys Motors did that in all their publications. I think they wanted to emphasize the ‘Jeep’ copy right that was so hard fought for. I believe that later it was replaced with the trademark logo.

  3. deilers

    In fact, Willys did that far before they received trademark rights for name “Jeep”. WO was aggressively connecting the name Willys and Jeep throughout the WWII to the point that, in my opinion, the word jeep became a noun, which should have blocked Willys from being able to trademark the term. In the appendix to my book I explore the confusion between what is a willys vehicle and a jeep vehicle.

  4. Desert Jim 1960

    The picture reminds me of what my CJ-5 feels like when me and the wife have the 2 dogs and our gear loaded up for an outing LOL !!!

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