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The 15,000th Post

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This is the 15,000th post since my first post in January of 2008.
This morning I received my 17,000th email since January of 2008 when I launched the email account.
That’s a ton of work!  I might even rest tomorrow … lol

Today I pushed the final version of my book to CreateSpace, having spent the past month carefully editing the bookproof.  I will announce when they approve it and post links to CreateSpace where it can be purchased.  In addition, I will be putting together some book signings.   I already two potential signings:  one in Salt Lake City, Ut, and one in Sea Cliff, NY.  More later . . .


9 Comments on “The 15,000th Post

  1. Brett

    Don’t you win a prize?
    COOL. Thanks for doing this Dave. I read up everyday.

  2. Brett

    Guess that image didn’t work. BBCode must just be for forum based sites. Oh well, it was a trophy for ya. 🙂

  3. Craig B.

    Yikes, it’s OK to count posts, but for our sake please don’t count how many hours you’ve put into this site. We want you to keep doing it! Many thanks for the countless hours scanning the web so all of us can lounge around in our pajamas and “One click” shop for all the gotta have Jeep deals out there! Maybe a book signing at the Northwest FC Roundup?????

  4. mom

    Way to go! I guess your reward is having your book finally in print. Woops, did I spill the beans?

    Love, mom

  5. joe appleget

    That is absolutely fabulous. We are limited at the fire station as to which websites we are allowed to view. Good news for me, ewillys is viewable! Now I don’t have to wait for the 24 hour shift to be over and rush home to check out the updates! I can do it at work between runs. I HAVE to get my ewillys fix, everyday! Love it, andkeep up the amazing work you do! Oh yeah, and when the book is finally avaibible, make sure theres an E copy so I can buy it for my NOOK Color!!

  6. deilers

    Joe … The book should be available through B&Nobles website soon. I just need to test it to make sure it works correctly. It turns out that publishing to all the different ebook standards is a real pain!

    The one advantage of the ebook over the printed book is, just like you mentioned, color photographs. However, due to limits on the size of the microsoft word document I could submit to the electronic publisher (which is, there are fewer images in the ebook. There are also no appendices currently in the ebook.

    When I finally get the ebook tested on all the platforms, I will announce it.

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