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1942? Hotchkiss Atlanta, GA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $17,750.

HOG spotted this Hotchkiss.  The mileage is stated as 3195, which seems a bit low.

“Body: excellent, no damage, paint appears to be original. Radio interference suppression system throughout. Radio racks and antenna mounts installed, but no radios or antennas. Top bows, Beachwood Canvas summer top. 3 seats (driver, passenger, and single rear seat for radio operator). Axe and shovel. Gas can (5 gallons, red). Spare tire. French army # 645-0444 on front bumper and on left rear bumperette, along with French tricolor emblems. Electrical: 24 volt system (as set up for French Army radio jeep); electric wipers; NATO headlamps. Mechanical: Willys of France (Jeep) 4 cylinder engine, LaMaltournee ’74 w/Solex carb. Jeep runs and drives well, 4wd operates smoothly. Tires: 5 NDT tires with tubes, less than 750 Km’s since new. Odometer indicates 3,159 Km’s driven. Data plates: Willys. Hotchkiss data plates apparently removed and replaced prior to sale in U.S., but Hotchkiss I.D. plate on frame is intact. Title: CLEAR US Title; all French documentation included. Location: Atlanta, GA vicinity (Also available for separate purchase or purchase with vehicle: U.S. artillery tow bar @ $750 USD)”


4 Comments on “1942? Hotchkiss Atlanta, GA **SOLD**

  1. Merlin Hanson

    The French bought the Willys tooling after the war and began production of the MB as the Hotchkiss in the early 1950’s. I have always thought it would be cool to have one of these in french markings. I wonder how many have been imported and sold as WW2 Willys…..

  2. deilers

    I couldn’t remember when it began, but I knew it wasn’t 1942 🙂 I don’t know how many, but I have seen a few. Often, I forget about that possibility when looking at the MBs.

  3. alex

    As this Jeep has a “La Maltournée” plate, it might be an old US MB -GPW for the frame and some parts. La Maltournée was a factory that mainly refurbished WW2 US jeeps to French army specs, using Hotchkiss (WOF) parts. New French Jeeps were built at the Hotchkiss plant. Looks like the frame is a US refurbished, as you can see right behind the front fender the typical reenforcement welded on the inside of the frame channel, a Maltournée signature. Nothing negative, as it is also a great, tough quality jeep, and all parts (except electrics) are identical to the MB GPW and interchangeable.

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