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Colombian Flatties from Flickr

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Here’s a nice shot of a jeep  that looks like a statue of some kind.  I don’t think she is a statue though.

This looks like a photo of a postcard maybe?


3 Comments on “Colombian Flatties from Flickr

  1. Sebastian

    Wow, this is interesting. I visited the same place in December 2009, I got my picture almost from the same spot. However, it looks like they have changed the jeep and did some work around.
    This is my picture back in 2009:

    This is at “Parque del Cafe” in Qundio, Colombia. An amazing willys-disneyland, with all kind of attractions dedicated to the production of coffee. Best part of the park is a 3D movie at the end, showing a CJ-3B being used for everything, such as taking the kids to school, work on the plantation, etc. A place really worth to explore.

  2. deilers


    I did some searches on Parque del Cafe … just another reason to visit Colombia! I’ll do a future featured post on the park.


    – Dave

  3. Bob

    I think I need to go there on my next vacation! I just got back from the bahamas and did not see a single old jeep there.

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