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My New Colombian Poncho

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I want to thank Sebastian for the wonderful poncho he brought me from Colombia!  Now that I have the proper clothes, I think I’m ready for a visit!  Oh wait.  I need to sell some more books before I can go . . .



2 Comments on “My New Colombian Poncho

  1. Sebastian

    I am glad you liked it!, we call it a “Poncho”. It has the Colombian flag on both sides (yellow, blue, and red). The palm is typical from Quindio, the heart of the colombian coffee production. Enjoy….

  2. deilers

    Thanks Sebastian. Last night I couldn’t decide whether it was a poncho or a serape, so I fired up Google and attempted to figure that out. After pondering the differences, and not seeing any, probably due to my sleepy eyes, I took a guess. Apparently, I guessed wrong 🙂

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