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Jesse in his Father’s CJ-3B

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A reader named Jesse forwarded this picture of him in his dad’s 1954 CJ-3B when he was only 5.  Jesse contacted me because he wanted to know more about this trailer kitchen featured a couple years ago in 4wd and sport utility magazine

Here’s Jesse:

Here’s a picture of the trailer he wanted to know more about.  Anyone know more about it?



7 Comments on “Jesse in his Father’s CJ-3B

  1. Colin

    That is a really cool trailer, having just about everything you need for a few days camping. I don’t know much about the trailer, but the camp kitchen box looks identical to one my dad built from plans in a Popular Mechanics magazine back in about 1955. It held canned foods, a small Coleman one burner stove, a dishpan, large porcelain coffee pot that had 4 porcelain coffee cups inside during travel, silverware tray, pot holders and a set of aluminum cookware that all fit inside the largest pot. The front door was hinged with a piano hinge and opened down and was held with two small chains and was covered with Formica on the inside.Dad put handles on it so it was easier to lift in and out of the truck bed. We used it for years and I finally had to get rid of it as it was falling apart.It saw lots of camping trips in the summers here in Arizona when we would escape to the mountains for cool air, fishing and hiking. It kept the skunks and coons out of our food, but wouldn’t have stopped a hungry bear. Yes, we have bears in Arizona!

  2. frankthecrank58

    if you look up kitchen trailers on google there seem to be a few manufacturers out there building similar units

  3. deilers

    Wow .. after looking at my first sentence in the previous comment I think it is a wonder I could write an entire book … lol

  4. mom

    David, you wrote an entire book cuz you had a bevy of gorgeous editors. BTW, I love the kitchen and what a cute little boy!

    Love, mom

  5. Colin


    Listen to your Momma! I think the article you found might have been about 10 years after the one my dad found the plans for. It was just for the box that is at the front of the trailer. It was a great addition to our camping trips. Wish I had some photos of it to share.

  6. Jesse

    Thanks for asking the question about the trailer, yes I am the little boy in the picture, thanks mom for the kind words. I found on ebay the original Popular Mechanics Magazine, which has more than just that little kitchen in it:

    And for $5.00, I think I may order one, now if I can just find a trailer like this…….

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