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Willys Engine Generator San Francisco, Ca $500

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This looks in very good condition, which means the motor might be too.

“Here is a 1941 Military Generator in remarkable condition. Made during WWII, 4 Cylinder gas engine. Leave a phone number and I will call you back. $500”


3 Comments on “Willys Engine Generator San Francisco, Ca $500

  1. Paul

    Since the engine looks quite small, the generator and starter are on the left side and actually overlap and the cylinder head has a raised casting in the center I’m interested in know what company produced this engine. Anyone have ideas?

  2. deilers

    lol .. I thought it was a standard Willys MB engine based on the ad, but it does look quite small.

    Note to self .. get eyes checked, again.

  3. Paul

    Don’t feel bad, I had to get so close to see the engine details that I left nose prints on my computer monitor.

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