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Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

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I’d never heard of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, located in McMinnville.  However, Ann visited there a few years ago and says it’s a beautiful museum.  Moreover, there is a B-52 there that they allowed her to go underneath so she could describe how they used to load and unload weapons.  The Spruce Goose is also there.

Besides all the airplanes, the museum also has a jeep.  This picture was taken by Joe Swallia on 2011.  Note the hubs.  They looks like early Warn hubs.

Interestingly, here is a picture from 2010 which shows a different jeep. You can view it at The Wander Gossage blog.  Maybe there are two jeeps there?


6 Comments on “Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

  1. Zack

    I have been to that museum three times before and, yes, have seen the jeeps. They used to have two lined up and you could have your photo taken in them….wonder what happened to the second one?

  2. Rob Thran

    Interestingly enough, my wife and I were there in December of 2011. This museum is a win-win for both of us as she is a private pilot and an aviation buff and I am the jeep buff. I have two Willys CJ2As, a 1946 and 47′. You’re right, there are two jeeps there. Both jeeps are currently there and are placed as the pictures show. Very cool place to visit. We highly recommend it.


  3. Zack

    Ah, okay, neet! I was there last in ’10 and I have heard it has changed a lot in the past ears (like a waterpark, etc!) it has always been a plus for me because I am not only a jeep nut but a student pilot and I too was glad there was a combo of both worlds there too!

  4. Bob Miller

    We were lucky enough to visit McMinnville while the “Goose” was still housed in three pole barns across the road from the museum. They had brought it up from Long Beach, Ca where it used to be displayed in a dome beside the Queen Mary ship. It sat apart for several years before they got the museum opened. Now they have so much stuff displyed that the “Goose” is almost hard to see. Besides these killer jeeps, they also have a collection of other military vehicles, tanks and APCs on a grassy knoll behind the building where the “Goose” is displayed.
    We were there the last time in 2010 before the waterpark was opened. They were hoping to acquire one of the Space Shuttles to display in their new Space building but they didn’t get one. This, in my opinion, is one of those hidden treasures that many do not know of.

  5. Zack

    They also have a TOTALY AWESOME firearm collection. One of my other interests is guns, so they have it all for me, planes, jeeps, and guns!

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