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A Couple Pedal Jeeps from the UK

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I happened across these pedal cars tonight at an old classic car website:  You can see other pedal cars at the CJ-3B Page:

On a separate search I found a bunch of pedal cars for sale through .  Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to find out the prices.

(jeep dump truck)

(patrol jeep)

5 jeeps on this page:

Fire ladder truck:

Surrey Pedal Car:

Here is a brand new jeep pedal car for sale out of the UK, but it is pricey:


5 Comments on “A Couple Pedal Jeeps from the UK

  1. Bob Miller

    This is funny. I started looking for my old pedal jeep from about 1960 and found this site: Mine was the USA 93521 jeep.
    My Dad gave this away the next Christmas to a drunken friend to give to his son for Christmas. I always dreaded Christmas in those years, because I knew my Dad would round up my toys and give them away. I guess I wasn’t a very good Christian! 🙂

  2. deilers

    I wish I had a picture like that. I think I have one in a pedal car, but not a pedal jeep. I’ll revisit that next weekend when I’m at my parent’s.

    – Dave

  3. Bob Miller

    That is the only one I have found. And my Mom had cut it down to fit in a frame. I don’t think we have any pics of the postal jeep my wife and I bought years ago. So I guess this is my ONLY jeep pic so far.

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