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The Snow Cone FJ

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Here is a crazy Snow Cone FJ.  I spotted these pictures the other day while looking for the swiss army CJ-5.  Steve must have spotted this crazy thing too, because he found the video below.


7 Comments on “The Snow Cone FJ

  1. Blaine

    Jason had this at the Phoenix FC Round up last year and we got to have snow cones from him.

  2. Steve E.

    Blaine, that was two years ago…..

    I hope Jason brings his new FC Weasel to the Roundup in Arizona. It’s a true rock crawler. (lol)
    Maybe we could watch him tear it up in the desert.

    **Steve E.**

  3. Blaine

    Steve and I figured out two years ago on our drive to Phoenix that is always twice as long as we think it was!

  4. Steve E.w

    Jarrod, I cannot let Blaine live down that he (and I) are realizing that the older we get, the faster time flies. No!, we refuse to get along. We keep each other in check too well to give each other a pass. lol.
    Will I see you at the Roundup again at the end of the month?

    Bob, yes I agree. I know some people who are afraid of clowns. Now I know how they must feel. That is one scary clown. When I saw it two years ago (or was it three?), it had FC Jeep photos pasted all over it. I’ve only seen the scary clown in pictures.

    **Steve E.**

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