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Hanging at Herm’s during Sunday’s Swapmeet

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I wanted to thank Marty and Herm for sharing  some warm and dry space for Sunday’s swap meet in Puyallup,  so stop by and say hello.    I’ll be more specific about our location after we visit Saturday for the setup.

I’ve got signs, books, and maybe event some t-shirts (if Ann and I can perfect the emulsion process, which is proving slightly problematic).  Ann got some shirts and a jacket embroidered for the event, so it will be easy to spot us.  I will also have some examples of the Dolan’s posters, too.

Here are our embroidered shirts:


3 Comments on “Hanging at Herm’s during Sunday’s Swapmeet

  1. Chris Ruhnau

    I’ll be there saturday and sunday, I have somthing I want to show you that I found that I do believe is fairly rare.

  2. deilers

    Chris … sounds great. I will be there Saturday afternoon to do some setup and then all day Sunday.

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