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The DJ-3A Surrey at the Wailea Hotel on Maui, Hawaii

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I received an email from Paul the other day and the subject read ‘Refreshing’.  One quick look at the picture in the email explained what he meant (see the 1st picture below).

Yep, that is one pretty jeep!

Using the keyword “Wailea” I started tracking down more pictures of it.  It turns out Colin has a couple of them too, as does a friend of his.  So, here are a few of this jeep that is still owned by the Wailea Hotel in Maui (boy, after today’s cold weather, Maui is sounding awfully nice!)

More pictures I found on the internet:

And from Colin, you can see the jeep prior to the stenciling:


7 Comments on “The DJ-3A Surrey at the Wailea Hotel on Maui, Hawaii

  1. Dj Bill

    For some reason my Surrey doesn’t seem to attract the same sort of folks these do. Maybe I need to bring it to Hawaii.

    Sure is a nice jeep and appears to be well restored.

  2. Bob

    As much as I like women, I would not let them sit on the hood, fender, cowl of my jeep…you’re just begging for dents, even if they do weigh only 90 lbs each.

  3. Bob

    Yup…good looking girls are a dime a dozen but a nice surrey like that is hard to find. By the way, I’m sure Ann will agree with me, what’s up with that tree through the one photo?

  4. Colin

    I would agree that letting anyone, even my grandkids, sit on the hood and cowl of our Surrey or even our Jeepster or CJ3A, is asking for trouble with dents. I certainly can’t fault the young lady standing on the step however. Her apparel leaves just the right amount to one’s imagination.

    I have a cousin who has a condo in Maui(he is there now from Whidbey Island) and I have put him on the hunt for this Surrey to get more info and photos. Once I get them, I will forward them to Dave to be included in this set of photos. Aloha!

    Oh yeah, If all you guys who wrote responses have Surreys or non Surrey DJ3As, send me an email with your info, but especially that of your Surrey, to include serial number and photos. I am trying to build a DJ3A database of DJs we come in contact with. email: In Phoenix.

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