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Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force Mesa, Az

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Blaine forwarded this picture of this jeep from the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force at Falcon Field in Mesa, Az.  Since Ann and I will be staying in Mesa and will be down there a couple days before this year’s FC Roundup, we plan to visit the museum.

Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, this is a mix of CJ-3A and M-38 parts. Once again, the reason for a jeep museum.  Hopefully, the airplanes are more accurate.  Looks like I need to schedule a meeting with the curator.


6 Comments on “Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force Mesa, Az

  1. Roberto Flores

    Wow! I love the look of this CJ3A transformed to a M38!!! Really nice! But just take attention: the little girl at the background with the airplane…cute!!!! What a fantastic shot!!!! Thanks, Blaine!

  2. Steve S

    It is definitely not a M38. Three telltale signs that usually survive Bubba’s torch are the gussets on the frame horns by the bumper, the non-hinged grill mounts, and the square shock mounts. Closer inspection of the bumper area and the shock mounts makes it a 2A or very early 3A. Notice the older style frame with gussets for connecting the bumper, most 3As had the heavier frame and the bumper was bolted/riveted directly to the frame. About the only thing M38 on it is the bolted shut windshield vent and the headlight brush guards!!!!
    Nice looking jeep though…..for the unwashed masses, not us jeep-aristocrats (notice the self deprecating humor)
    Steve (who just realized he may knows just a bit too much about 65 year old jeep frames)

  3. Bob W

    A close examination of that Jeep will reveal that the body is from a CJ-V35/U, the frame from a CJ-2A and the engine from a GPW.

  4. deilers

    Thanks Bob . . . And the windshield from a M-38. I’m going to drop by and check it out this coming Monday.

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