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Year? MB Bertram, Tx **Status?**


UPDATE:  This may have been sold.  Seller not responding.  Was listed at $750.

This appears worth a look.

“Mid 1940’s Willy’s Jeep. Engine runs excellent, tranfer case has been rebuilt, transmission is ready to be put back together. I have all the gage’s, fuel system, exhaust system to complete this project. It has all new wheels and tires. I have the parts to rebuld the steering gear box. have over $1800 in this Jeep. I have to many projects and to little time and space. I have several other parts for it including new carb and it has been switched to a 12 volt alternator. The body is in good shape but does need some work.”


6 Comments on “Year? MB Bertram, Tx **Status?**

  1. Dj Bill

    May have been sold, as seller is not replying to either voicemail or texts. Wish I had seen it a few days earlier.

  2. Joe

    I’m really bummed. I’m on vacation a half hour away from this and I text the seller early in the week . They resounded saying that I’d half to wait until Saturday to see it. Guess I should have pushed harder to see it earlier as now they don’t respond. ?????

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