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1948 CJ-2A Grand Junction, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $15,000.

This looks really nice.

“What started as a barely-running, rusted-out pile of bolts is now a beautifully restored piece of American history
Restored to near perfect original condition.
I have put 4 years and countless hours into this classic vehicle. Every system and part of the vehicle was inspected and repaired, with NOS (New-Old Stock) parts if available and aftermarket originals if not.

Restoration Includes:
* Complete Frame-Off restoration, sandblasted frame and undercarriage painted with industrial grade Gloss Black DuPont Imron
* Rebuilt brake cylinders and master cylinder
* New cloth-covered wiring harness matches original spec
* Replaced rusted through tub floor with Willy’s OEM tub floor
* New windshield glass and rubber seals
* New gauges, Dimmer switch, Coil, Voltage Regulator, Solenoid, Plugs, Plug wires, Temperature sending unit, brake lights (basically the entire electrical system has been replaced)
* Installed a turn signal switch and flasher, upgraded the marker lights to function as turn indicators
* replaced horsehair fan cowl with new felt
* Engine was rebuilt by reputable machine shop, bearings, rings, valves, etc.
* Seats re-upholstered with durable canvas and High-density foam, waterproofed.
* New steering wheel, horn button
* Finished with a coating of industrial grade DuPont Imron semi-gloss paint
* Hand stitched Shift boots”



4 Comments on “1948 CJ-2A Grand Junction, CO **SOLD**

  1. Tim Simonsen

    Can you give me some direction as to the Windshield Wipers and your thoughts on the asking price of this vehicle? Asking price is one of the highest I’ve seen. I’m looking for a nice Willy’s, and this one is fairly close to where I live. Thanks

  2. Paul

    Beautifully restored? Not hardly. Near perfect original condition? Not unless this Jeep came with a dented front bumper, a missing wiper arm and blade, extra holes in the dash, the brake pedal either loose or twisted and a very poor quality upholstery job from the factory. With no pictures to support the claim of a restored running gear and a price based on complete fantasy I’d steer clear of this Jeep and spend my money on one not “restored” to this standard.

  3. Steve

    If it is close to you, go look at it for the learning experience if you have time. Yoiur don’t have to buy it. Price seem high to me but a new tub and engine overhaul aren’t cheap.

  4. James D

    Tim, I’m located in Denver. I’m almost finished with my light restoration on my 1950 CJ3A. It will be up shortly on eWillys within the next month or so. You can call me at 303-518-5285, if you would like to look at it.

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