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Moonshiner’s Swapmeet Pics

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I was a little delayed in posting these pics from the swapmeet a week and a half ago, so I will push the pics of the WAAAM visit off until tomorrow.  At the swapmeet there were a few pics of jeeps and racers I wanted to include in this post.  But, I couldn’t leave the booth because the two times I did leave readers dropped by to say “hi”.  My faithful photographer did make it out to snap some pictures, getting wet in the process, but couldn’t quite read my mind as to which pictures I wanted;  Of course, my mind, like the rest of me, was cold that day, so I doubt there was much going on inside my mind for Ann to read.

As you can see, the booth design was compact, but efficient.  Herm was nice enough to give me some front space.  In exchange I even managed to sell something for him while he and his kids were off purchasing all kinds of deals (and he found a couple of astonishing deals on parts).  I have books, tshirts, signage and, most importantly, warm liquids.

In this picture you can see Herm wheeling and dealing on the phone, with his son Richard to his right, and their friend Dan to Richard’s right.

Here is a good example of the type of trailers that are brought in by sellers.  Trailers are piled with as many parts and pieces as they can put on them.  The building in the background is full of sellers and is only one of several buildings.  Many more sellers were outside.


2 Comments on “Moonshiner’s Swapmeet Pics

  1. frankthecrank58

    Dave, did you happen to notice what year the cj5 on the trailer was and what the asking price was(if it was even for sale)?

  2. deilers

    I will email you a couple more pics that include the price and contact info.

    It was priced at $4500 or $5000 with a winch.

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