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Ann and I Visit the WAAAM at Hood River, Or

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While driving to Vancouver on Monday, Ann and I decided to visit the five year old Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM).   So, about noon we pulled off I-84 and drove into downtown Hood River expecting to locate the museum quickly.  However, it turns out the museum is located a few miles away from town near the airport.  As soon as we realized we didn’t know where we were going, we cranked up the GPS and that guided us up the hill and over a dale or two.  We even passed a FC-170 off to our right.  Finally, we arrived at Air Museum Road.

Since it was Monday at noon, there wasn’t a flood of visitors, which worked out great for us because the staff could take the time to explain and answer all of our questions.  In fact, everyone was noticeably friendly and knowledgeable.

The first thing we learned is that WAAAM has one of the largest collection of working antique planes and vehicles in the country.  All the different planes, tractors, jeeps, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles are housed in two giant hangars with multiple exits.  In fact, some of the planes and vehicles are privately owned, but stored free of charge at the museum.  Owners can come in most any time and take their property out to fly or drive them.

Every month the museum holds a “Second Saturday” event.  That’s when volunteers arrive to give rides and show off the vehicles.  In May of 2012, a special Military Day will be held on the Second Saturday. That date is May 12th and I’ve been invited to talk a little about jeeps and sign books (and maybe ride in a jeep or two???).  It should be fun!

Here’s an introduction to the museum:


While I had fun looking at all the cars and planes, it was the jeeps I was there to see.  We saw the following jeeps:

1941 MB Slat Grille

Undated MB

Close up of the Poster:

Undated GPW (though I’m pointing out to Ann the missing GPW bumper holes)

Undated M-38


Here’s a close up of the poster.  It is pretty neat.


MIghty Mite

CJ-2A.   This isn’t particularly stock, but had an unusual paint job.  Next to it is an M-151.

A couple other pics from the Museum:

And, just for fun, earlier in the day we sacrificed Zollie at the Washington State ‘Stonehenge’.

We eventually resurrected Zollie.  Then, after the museum we made our way to Multnomah Falls and shot this photo nearby there.


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