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Builds: Claus’ Brother’s CJ-2A

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As promised yesterday, here are images of Claus’ Brother’s CJ-2A. Really great work!!

Claus writes, “I also promised you my brother’s nut and bolt restoration of his late 1947 CJ2a. Both of us are very fond of these vehicles – a passion that developed from a simple photograph of a CJ2a that my grandfather had on his farm in the early 1950’s (Photo attached). As we grew older our quest started and we both started searching to only find the right vehicle some 12 years later.

Parts are always a problem as they are not readily available in South Africa. The majority of parts are refurbished originals – although 60 years old, these are usually still more durable than any reproduction parts you can buy these days. When we didn’t have the right parts, we were always very happy to order from Walck’s in the US.

I am not going to give a description of the restoration – I believe the pictures speak for themselves. Perhaps it must just be mentioned that he is a bit of a perfectionist. As you look at the chassis note the nickel plated parts ….“bling” … they were purposely not painted. All elements that could get damaged by brake fluid or a wrench have been plated. The only other thing that is not quite standard is the positioning of the spare wheel. He liked the view of a complete wheel arch and the thought of a wheel’s weight on the body was a bit daunting to him, hence he opted for a M38 style spare wheel mount. He has gone through great efforts to save the body – again body parts are not available and having to ship these to Africa would have cost a fortune. So this is the best he could do with the limited access to parts.”

Below is the front housing assemply:

Here’s the rear assembly:

Here’s the chassis assembled:

Here’s a closeup of the front assembled:

See many more pics here by clicking the link below ….

Here’s are two pics of the emergency brake:

This is a closeup of a shackle:

Here is the bell crank:

Here are a couple shots of the engine:

Here is the completed chassis:

This shows the interior details with the build in-process:

And here’s the finished Jeep:


10 Comments on “Builds: Claus’ Brother’s CJ-2A

  1. mark m

    Most awsome! nessesity is the mother of invention and that’s one mother of all rebuilds.

  2. Gustavo Villalobos Luna

    Genius!! The plated parts stand out perfect!! Also love the contrast painted parts on the engine, I’m doing something like that on my engine, all black with some color hints.

  3. CapnJohn

    Absolutely beautiful restoration!!! You should be extremely proud to own such a quality JEEP!!

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Given the tent camping …. I think I had a bit of a time warp there … lol

  5. Allan

    Hi Claus, thanks for contacting me. As one of the guy’s commented, that is an outstanding build of your brother’s. Claus are you based in Namibia? I am busy buying Cj2A #122015 which is not complete and will be a frame up build. I also have CJ2A #114678, running, also a ’47 model. I am based in DURBAN. Regards Allan

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