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Nicely Shaped Aluminum Body for Willys Sedan

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This has nothing to do with jeeps, but Steve forwarded it thinking I might like it.  I did.  I figured some of you would too.

According to the attached text of the email, “Check this out… a hand-formed all-aluminum Willys Coupe! It’s amazing what some people can do with an English rolling wheel, sheet metal brake and a lot of skill and knowledge. No, he is not going to paint it.  I love the polished flames!  It’s got the right stuff under the hood, too! The hood scoop has yet to be installed in the photo below (Look closely). This is Walt Austin’s aluminum Willys coupe at Jim Hume’s shop, south of Bellingham , Washington.”


7 Comments on “Nicely Shaped Aluminum Body for Willys Sedan

  1. Bob

    I’d love to learn how to use an English Wheel. I was at a very high end restoration shop here in Kent, Ohio once. They restore Duesenbergs and the like. If they needed a part, they’s just make it. Fenders, doors and such. They even made a supercharger for one.

  2. Kevin Roth

    What….only three comments? We are looking at a 1 of 1…representing what drag racing was about….there is nothing that has been on the strip like a ’40 Willys Coupe….I would give a kidney to own this car….I’d park it in my livingroom…..talented artist!!!!!!

  3. Paul

    I rarely believe the builder of a vehicle when they claim no bondo was used to smooth out the outer surface of the sheet metal before painting but it’s nice to see a beautiful car constructed by an incredibly talented fabricator who takes the time to metal finish the sheet metal. Just stunning!

  4. David Eilers

    Hi Mark,

    This car wasn’t for sale when this was post here. It was just featured as a well done build.

    – Dave

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