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Photo from 1959 on the island of Tinian

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UPDATE:  From both emails I received and comments below, the consensus seems to be that the framework was built for pushing branches away, also called limb risers.  As Brett suggested, I googled ‘tree limb risers’ and found something similar at a hummer site.

Gary’s father shot this photo around 1959 on the island of Tinian, which is part of the Northern Mariana Islands.  He was wondering if anyone knows how the front rack was used?


4 Comments on “Photo from 1959 on the island of Tinian

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    At first I thought they might prevent those strong Pacific winds from blowing that summer top off.
    Thanks, Brett, for the info on tree limb risers. That was educational!

  2. Bob OB

    I’ve been to Tinian (2001), it’s heavy with foliage. My belief is that the structure is for pushing the branches and vines away as the jeep is driven down jungle trails.

  3. Bob OB

    I think I’m seeing ” US NAVY” on the hood. The building in the background appears to be the base ops. building at North Field.

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