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Pics from the WAAAM

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Ralph’s CJ-2A.  More on his Jeep later.

It was a gorgeous day at the WAAAM military day.  Ann and I are both sun burnt and relaxing to a couple bloody marys to help us cool down.  We met a lot of nice folks, sold books and t-shirts, and got to check out a variety of jeeps.

Brian, who is the resident jeep guy at the WAAAM has about eight jeeps (I lost count, so I could be wrong on the exact number) just at the museum.  Some have been restored and some are hidden away in one of the ancillary hangers, which Ann and I got to see.  Brian’s jeep of choice is the M-38A1, but he has a variety of them at various places he owns.  After talking with Brian a bit, he offered to show us his dad’s 1976 CJ-5 that he bought new.  He said it only has 5000 miles on it and sports the original LEVI package.  I have never seen an original LEVI package like he showed us.  Even Brian doesn’t get to drive his dad’s jeep … (see the pic at the bottom of the post – everything is original).

I wanted to thank Ralph for dropping by in his CJ-2A.  He has read eWillys for a few years now and lives in Hood River.  He came by to enjoy the planes, meet me and purchase a book.  Later in the day we walked out to check out his jeep.   Thanks for coming by Ralph!

Thanks to Blaine for dropping by as well.  I’ll see you again at the FC Get Together!

Here are a few pics:

My gal just loves a big gun.  We learned from one of the visitors that the reason these jeeps don’t tip over when the 106mm cannon fires is that it actually fires in two directions, backwards and forwards.  She was very happy to explain this to me!

Me working hard

All Original CJ-5 with LEVI Package


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