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Don’s 1950 M-38 & M-35

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Don forwarded us some pictures of his M-38 and M-35. It took him one year to build the M-38 from parts.  I think it looks terrific!

He joked that he built it to match his M-35 and says he has to keep busy doing something, noting he doesn’t want to become a couch potato.  Thanks for sharing Don!



5 Comments on “Don’s 1950 M-38 & M-35

  1. Royce Maire

    I just bought me a 1950 willys M38 from Ebay. Can you may be email me and let me know where I may buy parts for the jeep. I am looking for a Tire and Gas can carrier that swings away. Items such as this. I would appreciate any help you might have for me. I am working with the Military in Kuwait so I thought of buying some items while I am over here and then when I come home I can work on it.
    Thank You For your time and expertise on this.
    Royce Maire

  2. deilers

    Hi Royce,

    I will email you this evening with links for parts options. If I can locate a tire/gas swing option that can be mounted on the back of a M-38, I will include that too; However, I”m not sure there is an aftermarket product still available or not. Most of the ones I have seen are custom.

    Best of luck in Kuwait!

    – Dave

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