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Layton’s Family Restaurant with a Willys Wagon Sign

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Gerald forwarded pictures of this sign (thanks!).  While the Willys Wagon is featured prominently on this sign, I couldn’t find any evidence of its existence elsewhere within the restaurant.  Layton’s is located in Ocean City, Md, and is supposed to be pretty good according to Urbanspoon.


4 Comments on “Layton’s Family Restaurant with a Willys Wagon Sign

  1. Ross Jones

    I live just north of there the food is good and if I’m not mistaken they have a willys wagon with there add on it as well I will be down that way this weekend see if I can a pic of the wagon

  2. Gerald

    They no longer have the Willys. I had to go to the restraunt and it was great and the interior was filled with the owners car and plane stuff. There are a couple pictures of that old wagon on the walls. The owner said “It needed a lot of work” Don’t they all.

    Great family food excellent breakfast. Just like the sign says. And homemade donuts I may add.

    Stop on by, well worth the trip.

  3. smithsclassic

    I remember Layton’s Willys Wagon foundly. It used to always be parked in front of the restaurant. I also had a nice tshirt I bought with the Willys Wagon featured on it. I remember them selling the wagon on eBay around 5 years ago. I’m sure it will show up again sometime. Layton’s is a local favorite for a great breakfast in Ocean City, Md. – Mark Editor/Publisher

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