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Wrestling with the Mighty BIscuit

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During my last visit to my parents’ house, I tried starting Biscuit.  The engine would turn over, but wouldn’t fire.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that the electric fuel pump no longer worked.  So, I decided on my next visit I’d change from the electric to the stock manual pump.

Today, I took on that project.  While a very simple changeover in theory, the practice turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected.  For example, the first step in the process required me to break into my tool box, as the keys to my tool box disappeared during my move last summer.  After spending an hour searching for the keys, I finally gave up and ‘removed’ the lock’ (with hammer, screw driver, and little finesse).

It was surprisingly easy to remove the lock.  However, it was surprisingly difficult to get the lock portion of the drawers to unlock.  I won’t bore you with the embarrassing details, but let’s just say that it took us about an hour and half to finally get the tool chest unlocked.  Oh, good times!

Next, I had to start pulling off the electrical pump and installing the manual one.  It just seemed like I dropped every socked a hundred times, grabbed the wrong wrench with each reach, had to search through the barn to find rarely used tools I had stowed away, and more.  Nothing seemed to be easy about the project.

Finally, about 5pm, Ann wandered out to see how I was.  I was not good.  The socket has just slide off my socket wrench extension again, which meant I had to climb down onto the tarp, scoot under the jeep, and retrieve it, again.  I shared some choice words about Biscuit with Ann.  She decided to take a picture and post it on Facebook  Here is the picture and what she wrote:

Today, under a cloud of tools, grease, and a broken fuel pump came the flood of curse words and the exclamation from Mr himself…. David Eilers “hates Jeeps” 🙁

It took me until about 7pm, but I did finally get the fuel pump installed and the hoses attached.  Even better, everything worked.  So, now Biscuit and I are all lovely dovey again.

So, I’m done with jeeps for today.  Updates tomorrow.



13 Comments on “Wrestling with the Mighty BIscuit

  1. Ann

    I’ve never seen him come in from a project looking so worn down and disheveled despite being victorious. All and all David handled the challenge like he does with most things, a bit of humor mixed in with a lot of determination and spiced up with some choice words and tool throwing. All in all we still made yet another memorable day of it. We acquired an better understanding of Craftsman locking system, relearned to solder, and rounded up tools from hell and gone….and he fixed the Jeep ;). I’m proud of ya Baby

    Love Ann

  2. Gerald

    Maybe Biscuit is jealous of Ann. That’s why it broke down and would not fix easily.

    During the swearing and feelings of inadequancy more than mechanics and physics go thru your mind.

    I’m pulling my Jeep out storage this weekend. Looking forward to that date.

  3. frankthecrank58

    i believe that anyone who has worked on any vehicle at any time has experienced these exact same frustrations…………………that’s why i chuckle and say i’m glad it’s not just me.

  4. Matt

    I can feel your pain. I had the exact experience when I changed the master cylinder on mine. It ended with a slipped wrench busting a (small) chunk of my front tooth out.

  5. Brian

    What? It wasn’t 95F outside too?

    Story reminded me of my Brake Bleeding Buddy, also known as my Wife. After hitting the horn, and me my head on the frame underneath the car, then opening the door, to hit me once more to see why
    I yelled (now twice), she stepped on the clutch, and the brake, of which there were none yet, to let it roll onto my leg. All new meaning to ‘Bleeding’ the brakes.

    Now, to my wife’s credit, she said I always told her, you never push on the brake without pushing in the clutch.

    Fast forward a few years, she has become an expert Brake Bleeder, Wrench Hander, Light Holder and Tour Buddy.

    Ann, it’s clear to me Dave needed you out there in the garage!

    Brian in Michigan

  6. Gustavo

    As frankthecrank58 said… it’s not just you. I’m pretty sure Jeeps (specially old flatties) develop some kind of stubborn soul over the years and their slogan is “why should I make it easier for you when I can make it harder!!”

    I remember just a few months ago when you were planning on selling Biscuit and we all eWillys readers asked you not to. I’m glad you kept it, ’cause we all know jeeps are like old friends, you can argue with them sometimes but you know they are big part of your life.

    Costa Rica

  7. Ann

    Gerald you may be right, Biscuit may be going through an emotional spell. Today, despite me vacuuming her out and cleaning out a fresh spot “inside” the garage, as soon as we moved her in she started weeping oil. Poor thing, she really does needs some one on one time with David.

  8. Blaine

    Hey Dave! I have a good feeling about Ann. Even after the couple short talks with her. LOL. Maybe it’s because it because she seems to have the same demeanor (?) as my GF. Wait… Ann are you reading this? Enjoy the weekend all!!!

  9. deilers

    I saw them arrive, but I thought they had gone into the spam folder .. thanks for the heads up :-). I get lots of spam, but the wordpress software is usually really good at catching stuff like this.


    – Dave

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