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Cleaning my Parents’ Garage

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While the folks in Ohio played with their jeeps and the people in Moab explored with their wagons and trucks, I got to clean my parents garage.  I have wanted to tackle this project for a couple years now, but haven’t been able to for one reason or another.

However, this week, with dad still recovering from surgery (and having a tough time with it — nothing like having a persistent cough after having your sternum sliced open), Ann and I had some free time in between helping him and mom.  So, for the past three days we have been unpiling junk in the garage, sweeping up varmit feecees, organizing the unorganizable, shop vacing, and cleaning.

While we didn’t clean everything, we tackled enough of the garage to feel like we had won the battle.  Even better, when we began there was only enough room to fit one car.  Now, two vehicles can fit with room to spare.  Along the way I discovered some treasures, such as some brass inner tube caps (now on Biscuit), assorted transfercase and transmission rebuilt kits, the vin plate for my dad’s 1960 CJ-5 (which seems an appropriate direction to go with a next build project), and a Warn Overdrive Parts Catalog, which I think might be kind of rare.  I’ll post the entire catalog online in the next few days.  Below is the clean garage and the cover of the catalog.


5 Comments on “Cleaning my Parents’ Garage

  1. Dan B.

    Wow Dave. That garage looks great. There’s nothing like having room to work.

    Looking forward to reading that OD manual too. Thanks in advance for posting it.

  2. mom

    It looks amazing! Only a few retrieved items that came from my grandparents old “General MDSE Fighting Creek” store and Texaco gas station south of Coeur d Alene Idaho. David did a great job and I am sure he knows I would never have tackled it on my own.

  3. Gerald

    There is nothing like the feeling of a clean garage. At least for me. The clutter in my mind seems proportional to the junk on my workbench, an things in my way.

    You made the right move. While cleaning it gives you time to plan, for like you said, the next project.

    Great treasures by the way.

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