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His Bucket List Checked, Kevin Heads Back to Georgia

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Kevin filed this report  from Moab at the end of the Willys Overland Rally, Moab 2012.  Thanks Kevin!  Don’t forget to visit the to prepare for next year’s rally.

Kevin writes, “We made it to Moab from Georgia, what an experience! I traveled 1,750 miles @ 25 cents per mile.

I had my share of adventure — Tranny coolant line breaks, gas gauge peg’s at fuel, lost a gas cap and bought a non-vent cap, which caused every hose connected to the tank leak like the Titanic of gas, loose distributor, two plug wires not doing their job, busted motor mouint, spring perches broke (spot welded).   All the particapants made it up the Pucker Hill, but me … oh what fun it is  to get stuck and broke down. Despite all of this, I had a Great Time!!!  These people know how to party and have an honest good time!

All too quickly MOAB 3 – 2012 has come to an end.  So, I’m on my way back to Georgia, carrying plenty of red sand for the ride home.

One more item off the Bucket List.”

These first two pictures are of Kevin’s wagon:


3 Comments on “His Bucket List Checked, Kevin Heads Back to Georgia

  1. Brett

    Good times!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I guess living here, I take for granted that Moab is only 3 hours away so I don’t get down there enough.

  2. Steve E.

    Great photos and story about your adventure, Kevin! It’s good to see so many Willys Wagons on one off-road trip. There’s no vehicle more useful than a good old Willys Wagon. Not too long, not too short, not to wide,not too narrow……. And you and your gear are always out of the elements. (I always hope it doesn’t rain in the mountains when I’m on a backcountry trip in my CJ-5.) If Moab is anything like the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, you’ll be carrying that red sand around forever, hiding in all the cracks, like in-between your toes. (lol)

    **Steve E.**
    in CA

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