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1969 Nissan Patrol Eagle River, AK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $1000. **SOLD**

If parted out, this might indeed be worth a small fortune if you think around $1000 is a small fortune.

“for the people who collect these ive been told that if i parted it out it would be worth a small fortune, but i want to sell the whole thing quickly so lets deal… ran and drove to where it was parked sat a few years brake pedle goes to floor has twin stick t/case 4 litre straight 6 inline engine some spare parts in back picture makes it look good but it does have rust. all parts are there except door glass. neat old rig a lot of people get it confused with a land rover but it is a nissan patrol. its about the size of a CJ 5 but a little wider so its not tippy, they were used by militaries all around the world until fairly recently they were still made. there is a title for this. i really wish i could keep this but you can see the willys in the background of one picture and that is the project im working on now.”


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