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June 16th Estate Auction in Arlington, Oh … CJ-2As & CJ-3As and More

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Rob forwarded me the jeep below.  It’s an odd melding of a CJ-2A and a Wagon.  I’d love to get a closer look to see how various problems were solved.

This jeep is one of several jeeps in different conditions being auctioned, though nothing is in amazing condition.  Tools and other vehicles will also be auctioned, including a deuce and a half that looks to me (not being an expert) in very good condition.

The auction takes place on June 16th, 2012, at a place tbd.  You can learn more about the auction by Fenbert Auction Services and see the other vehicles at here.

Here’s the oddball CJ-2A/Panel Wagon hybrid:

A few other jeeps at the auction.  A couple CJ-2As:

A couple CJ-3As:

Other Stuff:



4 Comments on “June 16th Estate Auction in Arlington, Oh … CJ-2As & CJ-3As and More

  1. Bob

    I gotta say too that this auction house does not seem to research anything, dates and names of stuff are just way off…pinto hitch, 1963 cj2a?

  2. deilers

    I’m guessing there is limited resources for doing full research. I’ve emailed the auctioneer to see if I can help more fully advertise this, given there are so many jeeps. At that time I can provide the auctioneer with some more details about what is there.

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