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Willys Powered Air Compressor Bridgewater, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450

I’m guess the compressor itself doesn’t work?  This looks similar, yet different from the Hesse Hornet Compressor.

“Antique Jeep Air Compressor made by General Supply Co. from “L” head Jeep engine. It’s all there including governor. Motor turns free. VERY RARE!”


3 Comments on “Willys Powered Air Compressor Bridgewater, MA **SOLD**

  1. Keith Glover

    This should have an mb block with an “industrial engine” i.d. plate. It only needs the head changed to a willys head and the valves put in cylinders 2 and 3 to run in a jeep. If anyone needs any info on these or similar units, let me know. I have started gathering information on the Hesse Hornet and General Supply Units. KeithG.

  2. craig smith

    I just purchased one of these little rascals my gut feeling tells me this will be a powerful unit once restored I believe I will be able to run an air board,and what ever air tools I need to run!

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    When you get it restored can you ship me some photos. I’d like to share the results with readers if possible. Good luck!

    – Dave

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