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A Man, His Dog, and Lizzy

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Features

This picture comes from Elizabeth, Colorado.  Conrad is checking out the beautiful scenery and, perhaps, contemplating the sale of his jeep, because “Lizzy” was sold a few days ago to her new owner Mark.   This CJ-2A is very stock and even has its original black paint (quite rare).

Mark plans to take good care of it and preserve it as is. So, despite being sad it had to go, Conrad is happy it is going to Mark and Mark is thrilled to get it.   Even better, Mark and Conrad have become friends.


3 Comments on “A Man, His Dog, and Lizzy

  1. Buz

    That looks like the perfect subject for another Roberto Flores jeep painting !

    Is it just me or is the comments section missing on the RH side of the page ?

  2. deilers

    Buz .. my bad. I thought I had put the Latest Comments back onto the sidebar, but apparently I hadn’t. They are back now. Thanks for letting me know.

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