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Micro Car Kapi JIP @ the Microcarmuseum

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Blaine forwarded a picture of the Kapi JIP yesterday.  The picture was taken at Bruce Weiner’s micro car museum in Madison, Georgia.

While Frederico Saldana is said to have patterned this after the American Army Jeep, it looks much more like a CJ-3B/Wagon hybrid.

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2 Comments on “Micro Car Kapi JIP @ the Microcarmuseum

  1. Steve E.

    This looks more like it’s patterned after a 1950 Jeepster, with the front cross bar grill, rear fenders, and pointed hood.

  2. Colin

    I found this on the net a couple of years ago and I will agree with Steve, this looks more like a 1950-51 Jeepster. These were built around 1955 and I think this museum has two of them, one in green and the other is the one shown.

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