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1950 M-38 Greenup, IL In Person Auction July 26th

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This is worth a closer look.  It has a nicely aged patina to it.  As long as it runs and drives, I’m not sure I’d want to do much more to it.

“July 26th 2012
9 MIles South of Charleston, IL on Rt. 130 or 8 Miles North Greenup & 1/2 Mile East on Road 1300N & 1/2 Mile North on Ro
Greenup, IL”


2 Comments on “1950 M-38 Greenup, IL In Person Auction July 26th

  1. Buz

    Nice looking Jeep. 25 years ago I used to find them in back yards in this condition several times a year, but boy that doesn’t happen anymore. Around here if you found one that was in that shape today the sellers would want $10,000.

  2. STEVE

    Patina. Reminded me when I hauled a wagon cab that was 90% rust and one of the comments I got from a guy at a gas station was “It’s got great patina.”

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