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1968 Riot Control Photo from Chicago, Illinois

• CATEGORIES: Features, M-151, Old Images, Unusual

Here’s a M-151 modified for riot control.  I haven’t seen this mod used too often (fortunately).

“This photo originates from the archives of the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Daily News, Detroit News, Sport Magazine & Many others. Most photos have never been seen by the public. These photos are not reproductions or reprints.”

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2 Comments on “1968 Riot Control Photo from Chicago, Illinois

  1. Buz

    If you check that ebay sellers other items, they have 82,017 items listed and that takes up 1,641 ebay pages. How long does it take to list that many items, doing that would drive me crazy. Better to be outside in the Jeep.

  2. deilers

    Buz … I’m pretty sure they’ve got some kind of automated system for doing that. This seller’s pages have been great for finding content or giving me leads on other content for the site 🙂

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