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A Family’s CJ-6

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Donny wrote me to share this photo of the family’s CJ-6 he came across recently:

He writes, “I came across a picture of my friend driving our 1958 CJ6 in 1974. My granddad bought it new, and it stayed on our ranch in Florida for all these years. Unfortunately, in 2003, it was given away in disrepair. Sure miss it now! I’ve had a Willys truck and a 2A but I miss miss this Jeep most of all! Man that Jeep could pull! The man standing by the Jeep was the greatest man in the world. My Dad”


2 Comments on “A Family’s CJ-6

  1. frankthecrank58

    interesting rims…..look like split rim 1 ton wheels welded to a jeep wheel centre.

  2. Donny

    Wow! Very observant. I wondered if anyone would catch that. I always remembered a set of chains that could be easily run through the rims to connect. We had quite a diversity of upland and swamp land on the ranch and my granddad was always quite prepared. Thanks!

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