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Craig’s ‘new’ Trav-L-Aire Camper

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After a 570 mile journey, Craig nabs himself “the ever elusive FC-170 with the ‘Jeep’ Factory Approved “Trav-L-Aire Camper.” See a brochure about the camper here. You can read more about the purchase at the Forward Control Forum. Congrats Craig.

Here are some exclusive pics:


4 Comments on “Craig’s ‘new’ Trav-L-Aire Camper

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Pascal … in this case, the good news is that they didn’t mistreat the camper too much 🙂

  2. Craig B.

    As the story goes from the original owner they had cooling problems so their first attempt was to get out the saber saw and open things up a bit. That not working they added a ridiculous scoop under the bumper to funnel more air to the radiator. This also failed. I believe the son said the problem was finally solved when they had stopped to let the old gal cool down and an “oldtimer” told them he knew what was wrong. A pulley change later on the motor and it has run cool ever since! Like Dave said the important part, the camper has been saved. I’m working on publishing all the details on The FC Connection and hope to have it posted later this week.

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