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Color Photo of a 1946 CJ-2A

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Jacques emailed me yesterday with a digital copy from a color slide of a 1946 CJ-2A.

He writes, “I was raised in Reading PA but have been living in Australia for the last 37 years. Attached is a colour slide I scanned of my Dads 1946 CJ2A when very new.  He bought it 1n 1947 as a demo model from a dealer in Reading who gave rides in it at the airport, now Spaatz Field to promote sales.

It was Harvest Tan with Harvard Red wheels. He had it until 1962 when he traded it for a new IH Travelall 4 x 4. Believe a mechanic at the IH dealership bought it.

Seem to remember the Jeep dealership in Reading was named Ira J Freyer. Wonder if it still exists?

Forgot to mention Dad so loved the military jeeps he used in New Guinea in the Signal Corps in WW2 that was the reason he bought a “new” CJ2A after the war.”


2 Comments on “Color Photo of a 1946 CJ-2A

  1. Bill

    Nice. Harvest tan is such a cool color. We might be painting one soon in our shop for a customer.

    These wheels in this pic are the correct color “Sunset Red”.

  2. Dave

    Ira Fryer was an associate dealer, did not have a franchise.
    He was located at 714 Walnut Street in Reading.
    During the mid to late 50’s into the early 60’s he also sold Simca and Goliath cars.
    They knew their product, had a good service department and an excellent parts department.
    Mr. Fryer wore a shop coat while at work, something you don’t see now.
    His son, Robert, also worked there.
    They had a 1940 Willys pickup and a 3-wheel Harley Davidson for the parts/service department.
    They went out when Hettinger Brothers got the franchise.
    The building was torn down to make way for a parking garage.

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