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Just a few Updates Today (Monday)

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Just a few updates today.  Part of the reason is that we are heading back to Pasco today.  The other reason is that there just aren’t very many old flatfenders for sale at the moment.  I guess everyone is enjoying the heat wave?

We got a chance to drive biscuit in the pasture a few days ago, but didn’t get any pics.  Kasia took her turn at doing some technical driving and did pretty well.  Karson handles the jeep well.  Colter still prefers to ride.

I was messing around with Biscuit yesterday, testing out my paddle tires.  It turns out, rather than holding air for a day, my paddle tires only hold air for about five minutes.  This is a problem.

I guess I will need some inner tubes if I want these old tires to work for longer than five minutes.  That’s low on the list.  But, they do look cool, though they need a bath and some paint on the rims.




2 Comments on “Just a few Updates Today (Monday)

  1. Buz

    You could always fill the paddle tires with Fix-a-Flat. I’ve used it on some old dry cracked off road tires and it keeps them up like they are new.

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