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1953 Tour De France Delahaye Jeep

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UPDATE:  Oops, Roberto correctly points out that this is a Delahaye and not a Hotchkiss.  I was wondering about the fenders not looking correct for a Hotchkiss.  

The caption of the picture, if I’m translating this correctly, means “The editor of Paris Match is perched on the famous weekly publication’s jeep for the Tour de France in 1953.  This is a French Hotchkiss jeep.  You can learn more about the Hotchkiss at Andy’s Military Jeep Site or in French here.


3 Comments on “1953 Tour De France Delahaye Jeep

  1. Roberto Flores

    Desolé, Dave!!! I´m sorry…but this isn´t the French made clone of the WW2 Willys MB, also called M201 Willys-Hotchkiss jeep. In fact, this is another French post-war answer to military and civilian requirementes, the Voiture Légère de Reconnaissance Delahaye, made by this French company. A very unique and advanced vehicule for this era, but excesively difficult to maintain at army levles.

    More info here: In English language French!i=300584757&k=JRaU6 A walk-around at the armored vehicles museum at Saumur, France

    This “belle” belongs to a friend of mine, mr. Thierry Anne:

    Bon appétit!!!

    PS: And yes, the WW2 jeep was used extensively during the Tour of France for many years!!!

  2. deilers

    Thanks Roberto! Yep, that my mistake. I saw it in the line up at the m201 page and should have looked a little more carefully.

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