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VEEP Virginia

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UPDATE: Last listed at $2000.  **SOLD**

(11/20/09) You can learn more about VEEPS here.

“1951 Willys Jeep with custom chassis. VW air cooled powered. Only 12 built that I know of, done very nice. Inspected by the PA department of Transportation and issued a special construction VIN. Titled as a 1977 special construction. Draws a lot of attention. Very solid Arizona body. Nice Best soft top.”



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  1. Paul

    I have a Veep brochure (Hadley Engineering) printed in 1977 which states “All steel body manufactured to original military specifications.” The frame is “Box section frame with X member bracing provides maximum rigidity at less than 100 pounds total weight.”

  2. Paul

    Dave! I have a complete brochure from Hadley Engineering which includes a description of the parts in the kit, a list of the VW parts needed, the assembly instructions along with numerous black and white photos showing the assembly process, the price sheet and an order blank. It’s fun to read but I still don’t want one, I need to finish what I started many years ago.

  3. deilers

    If you ever get a chance to digitize that brochure, I’d love to get an electronic copy.

    The ride in a VEEP is probably better than in most jeeps, too.

  4. Woody

    Thank you for all the input. I am by far not an expert on Veeps. I was told when I purchased this Willys that it was one of twelve built by a welding instructor in PA. I also was told that he got surplus 1951 Bodies from Arizona to built them. Don’t know if there is any truth in it or not.

    Until you directed me to the Hadley site, I always thought that a Veep was fiberglass and built on a pan, I have seen several this way, although I can no longer find any info on them. I now assume Veep is a generic term for any Jeep powered by a VW engine?

    I am now very interested in knowing if my Willys is indeed a Hadley Veep. I have seen references to a battery box, tool marks on the right side and a x-frame. Can anyone explain the “tool marks” and what to look for? Any other for sure ways to know if it is or not?

  5. deilers

    Hi Woody,

    I have no reason to doubt that what you are told really happened. Perhaps he got surplus bodies from Hadley?

    Also, there certainly are fiberglass flat fender bodies that could be adapted to a VW, but I don’t know what is involved in doing that and can’t remember running across one, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t exist.

    Battery Box: The battery of a M-38 flatfender was housed in the passenger side cowl and access to the battery was done through a lid on the cowl. You can see the lid of a M-38 here: Only the M-38 bodies had the tool box lid.

    Tool Indents: Here is a pic that shows tools attached to the passenger side of the body where the tool indents are located. M-38 bodies and Replacement flat fender bodies both have these indents.

    Someone else will have to explain the x frame as that isn’t ringing a bell at the moment.

    Feel free to ask questions or to email me privately at

  6. Paul

    The box section steel frame supplied by Hadley Engineering for their Veep kit is in an “H” layout with a left and right rail aligned from front to rear with the body mounts welded to the top of the frame rails. The frame has only one crossmember which is welded to the frame rails close to the middle of the frame and smaller steel box sections are welded from close to the end of each frame rail to near the center of the crossmember leaving a gap where the center of the “X” normally would be. Just imagine the letter “H” with the letter “X” laid on top of it and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the frame layout. According to the Veep brochure the entire kit could be purchased or they’d sell component parts if the purchaser didn’t need everything. The word “Veep” was a trademark of Hadley Engineering in 1977.

  7. Paul

    Sorry folks, I was wrong when I said the “X” braces are steel box sections… they’re steel round stock. I didn’t look close enough at the construction photos.

  8. Woody

    I am now more confused then ever. The body has the tool marks, but no battery area on cowl unless it was removed really well, as there is no sign of it. The frame is like the Hadley, but the X brace is square tubing not round.

    Then I look over the Veep listing here on eWillys and find a Dec 30 listing of a Willys just like mine with the guy telling the same story I got when I bought mine, welding instructor, 51 M38 Body, etc. I would think it was my Willys if I hadn’t owned it at this time. Mine is even blue like this one under the hood, so I assume who ever made these painted more then one the same color. Or all?

    Paul, if you ever make copies of your Hadley info, I would like a copy as well, thank you.

  9. deilers

    Woody .. now you better understand all the confusing things we encounter while trying to figure these mysteries out!

    The lack of a battery box and lid is actually consistent with a replacement body, so that is what I would expect to see. Hadley used replacement bodies rather than original M-38 bodies.

    It is certainly possible that yours and others were all painted the same color to save money.

  10. Paul

    Winter is coming fast and I’m trying to get everything ready for another season of cold and darkness but I will make copies of the Hadley Engineering brochure available for free… it just might take me a while. History is more fun when it’s shared.

  11. Woody

    As of 10/06/2011, I still have this Willys for sale

    Open to reasonable cash offers or trades.

    This Jeep is located in North Carolina, not PA.

  12. Les Weber VA.

    I now own the VW jeep doing sheet metal work repairing floor, side panels,it is running & lic. hear in VA. Floor bracing members have wood in the channels that caused rust damage. Will keep it the same color,

  13. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Les,

    I appreciate the update. I do have some electronic copies of the VEEP info if that’s of interest to you (I think published everything I have on eWillys as well). Feel free to email me if I can be of any help

    Have fun with your project!

    – Dave

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