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Part II of the Don Prine Story

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Part II of the Don Prine ‘Old Man’ Story can be read in the September issue of JP Magazine. It has also been published online at this address:

Here’s a picture Marty took during the interview.  Don Prine is on the left, Christain Hazel in the middle, and Herm Tilford (Herm the Overdrive Guy) on the right.

View more pictures of the meeting here:

You can view Part 1 of the Don Prine Story at JP Magazine



2 Comments on “Part II of the Don Prine Story

  1. Joseph

    I met Mr . Prine a few years back he is an awsome guy and always willing to show us youngster neat lil tricks when working on a jeep. And show us pics of his fun adventures.

  2. Paul

    Wish I lived closer to Mr. Prine, I would really enjoy visiting with him but his shop is just a bit too far away for me to drive there right now. I read both parts of his story with a smile. Well done but too short.

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