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Chicago Area Jeep/Willys Mechanics

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Bob has a M-38 with the original 24 volt system that isn’t running.  He lives in Chicago and is having a difficult time finding anyone who knows about jeeps and can handle a 24 volt system. Does anyone know of a mechanic in the Chicago area?  Comment below and I’ll make sure Bob gets the information.

– Dave


3 Comments on “Chicago Area Jeep/Willys Mechanics

  1. frankthecrank58

    if Bob is planning on doing his own restorations, then the guys at forum have ALL the info. tech help, downloadable manuals. lots of guys that ask quetions and get answers etc. etc. i’ve gotten a few tips already as to parts availability and referrals to people and mechanics in and around my place. my suggestion is he get a hold of Wes or Ryan and they would more than likely put him on the right track. the site specializes in any M series willys and a lot of M-38 owners are on the forum. you must know the site, Dave. hope this is of some help. well….. off to my jeep to sit in the drivers seat and go vroom vroom. mine doesn’t run either cheers!

  2. John Burch

    I’m in the west suburbs of the Chicago area.
    I own a 1954 3B and a 1957 Wagon.
    I’m only an amateur mechanic, but electricals I can do. I’ve been an electronics technician and an electrician for 45 years or so.
    Have Bob contact me and I’ll see if I can help him out.

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