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1961 Auto Show — A Black & Gold Willys Showcase

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UPDATE:  The CJ3B Page has a color picture showing the jeep vehicles painted Gold for this display along with more information about the Hong Kong show.

Originally published December 25, 2009:  Bruce provided me with these fascinating documents regarding the October 15-23, 1960, auto show.  There are two interesting aspects to this press release:

  1. 1. Eight Jeep vehicles were to be specially painted gold with black trim and upholstery and would be displayed in a Chinese waterfront setting;
  2. 2. The vehicles were part of the advertising program of a new fall television series called “Hong Kong“.

You can see a copy of the press release below:

auto show1

Here’s another version of the event:

auto show2


Article from late 1960 that includes a reference to black and gold vehicles from the November 22, 1960, issue of the Spokesman Review.




8 Comments on “1961 Auto Show — A Black & Gold Willys Showcase

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    HI Pete,

    If you’d like to send more information and pics about the trade you’d like to make, I’d be happy to post it for readers. Email it to


    – Dave

  2. Colin


    I thought you had a photo of the Oct. 15-23 1960 Chicago show. If you don’t, let me know and I will send you one. I figured you had a photo of it, since I got these same documents from you a few years ago and the picture kinda goes along with them. I think I sent a copy of the photo I have to Derek for the 3Bpage article that Dave refers to above.

  3. Colin


    I guess you made it back to Defiance OK. Hope you didn’t have any trouble–on the road or at work. Gotta keep the General happy!

    Good seeing you again!

  4. Bruce

    thanks for the heads up.
    I do have that. The auto show docs Dave posted were sent to him several months ago and at that time I dont think the photo had been located yet.

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