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Craig travels over Black Bear Pass in Colorado

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Craig has a chance last month to make a trip into the mountains of Colorado.  He thought everyone would enjoy these pics, which are beautiful!

“Here’s some pictures of our trip to Black Bear road on 9/21/12 . The Jeep shown is a 1978 Wagoneer converted into a tour jeep.  It has been in service since 1978.  I’m going to try to put together something on my site maybe.  It’s not FC related but has to do with the history of my tour jeep.  I might have some time this week before we leave for our vacation.  Some factoids; Wild Bill has been down Black Bear more than any other person living or dead, upwards of 2000 times.  He’s been driving for the company for about 34 years and drove for others and personally drove the area 10 years before.  We were there at the height of the Fall colors out there!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  I put some descriptions on the titles of the pictures.  The switchbacks are below the steps of Black Bear and both are past the summit.  Once you pass the summit Black Bear turns into a one way trail as passing is obviously impossible to do on the trail from that point on.”

Here is the Tour Jeep:

Below is a view of Telluride, Colorado

Black Bear’s swtichbacks:

Wild Bill

Black Bear Pass at 12,840 Feet

Another View of Black Bear’s Switchbacks

This is a 900 foot drop.  Tread carefully!

Steps of Black Bear



7 Comments on “Craig travels over Black Bear Pass in Colorado

  1. Colin

    Holy Jeepers, Batman, that had to be an ‘E” ticket ride! Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing the photos Craig!

  2. Steve E.

    Great photos of an awesome place on earth, makes you want to go there. But my shaky knees would prefer to take a narrow little CJ, rather than my FC or other FSJ. Wild Bill has an impressive track record. And he gets paid for that job???

    **Steve E.**

  3. Craig B.

    When I questioned Wild Bill he said that he started with San Juan Scenic Jeep Tours just as the FC’s were coming out of service but I can imagine it was a little hair raising taking a FC down those switchbacks! He kept the front tires at least 5 foot from the edge at all times but repeatedly bashed the back bumper into the cliff in order to make the 3 or 5 point moves needed to get around the turns. On one of the first switchbacks he just saved time by backing up all the way from one switchback to the other! A real attention getter for sure!!!

  4. Steve E.

    Instead of backing up every other switchback, they should make an FC Push-me/Pull-you like the guy in Sacramento made. (lol)

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