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Zack’s DJ-5: His Daily Driver

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Zack has been a regular reader of eWillys for a while now.  Though he comments occasionally, I never got around to asking what kind of jeep he has.  So, I asked.  Turns out he has two:  One a DJ-5 that he uses as a daily driver and the other a nice looking GPW that he hopes to restore to military spec. Here are some photos he sent for us.  All in all, it is a good looking DJ-5 that is a very practical vehicle, inexpensive to maintain, cheap on gas, and posi in the rear for bad weather.  Thanks for sharing Zack!



3 Comments on “Zack’s DJ-5: His Daily Driver

  1. Zack

    Should have seen what it looked like before. ( I have a pisture somewhere? )
    There are 2 more DJ-5D’s ( were 3 🙂 ) in Kake Alaska, not too far from the Ferry terminal. They are just sitting there, I am sure the owner would sell them. If I remember correctly, one is late 60’s and the other is early 70’s. I may still have the owner’s phone number?

  2. hugh

    Dont see them delivering mail anymore! your gpw looks nice. would like to see it when you get it back to mil spec.

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