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Vintage Comic w/o cover on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Comics, Features, Jeep Planes and Pilots

I have posted this comic as a reminder that the term Jeep is found in conjunction with planes during world war two.  I suppose I need to track that a little better, because there are a variety of literary references to “Jeep Planes”.  There is no information about the comic in the description.

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4 Comments on “Vintage Comic w/o cover on eBay

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    A quick search suggests that the aircraft carriers were called “jeep carriers”, possibly because the carriers were simple and utilitarian. However, I also know some planes were called jeeps as well. It may be that some of the carrier planes were called jeeps?? I will look into it.

    – D

  2. Scott McClave

    Jeep carriers were the smaller carriers often used as convoy escorts and for supporting amphibious landings. They were much cheaper and quicker to produce. The San Jacinto that Geo. H.W. Bush was stationed aboard was a “jeep carrier”.

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