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Carved Pumpkin Jeeps

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For those who haven’t carved your pumpkins yet, I found a few ideas below.  We (and by we I mean Ann did all the work) grew our own pumpkins this year, so if we make time for carving them we will try something with a jeep flair.

Kaiser Willys is having a Jeep Pumpkin Carving contest with a $25 gift certificate as the prize.  Go to their facebook page to learn more.  The pic below is from the Kaiser Willys Facebook page.

Here’s another carved pumpkin for those that can’t identify what the shapes represent:


Here is a different take on a jeep pumpkin that I found here.

Here is a stencil you can use to carve your own pumpkin.  Well, it’s a small size version of the stencil. The original stencil seems to be gone.  If you click here, you can use a version of this pic that I have blown up (maybe it will work?).


And then there is this painting of a jeep amongst pumpkins by Daphne Wynne Nixon.

Here are a few other links to carvings:


Google images “Jeep Pumpkin Carvings”


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