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Monarch Hy-Lo Hydraulic Brochure

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Bob scanned this Monarch Hy-Lo Brochure for our viewing pleasure.


7 Comments on “Monarch Hy-Lo Hydraulic Brochure

  1. Mark Koban

    I have an original Hy-Lo pump on a 1964 CJ5 and need to get it rebuilt. Do you know anyone who can rebuild this?

  2. Tom Porupski

    I have one of these on my 64 jeep. I had the jeep restored and the plow system doesn’t work.
    The pump is full of oil. Any idea on why it is not working? I was in the process of working the air out
    of the system.

  3. Dan Moreton

    I have a 1967 Power King Tractor that utilizes the large Square Model Jeep Hy-Lo Hydraulic pump to lift/lower the plow. It has a 1/4″ intake and output that connects to a dual action hydraulic cylinder. The unit is well suited for this operation. I have a manual hitch and wanted to make it hydraulic. I saw a Jeep Hi-Lo self contained unit UHT 37046. When it arrived I noted it was smaller,( almost square) had almost identical hardware and fitting on top except it only has one 1/4″ street elbow. How do I connect this unit to operate a dual action hydraulic cylinder? This tractor is my first experience with hydraulics so keep that in mind when you answer. Thanks, Dan

  4. Jay Clyne

    I have a model B on a 1966 IH 1100a. Do you have any information on this pump? Diagrams, GPM, etc.

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