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Pascal’s Newest Jeep . . . A rare DJ-6?

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Pascal just purchased this jeep.  Though it is four wheel drive, the serial number suggests it is a DJ-6.  I looked up the serial number and I found one site that suggests the serial number is a DJ-6.  Anyone know the DJ-6 serial numbers?

Pascal writes, ” I’m writing to you because I bought another jeep last weekend. (Yep my wife is still loving me…for how long? For a jeep life I hope!).  I’m pretty sure that’s a DJ-6 1965 even if seller told me that was a CJ-6 1962. Serial number is 8605 10062. It’s also stamped on the frame.

It has two fuel tanks. It looks original. It also has 4×4 and I think a Meyer hard top. The mileage reads 29xxx miles. The motor’s serial number is 4J418884.”


11 Comments on “Pascal’s Newest Jeep . . . A rare DJ-6?

  1. Steve E.

    I’ve never heard of a DJ-6, only a DJ-5. This Jeep is 4 wheel drive. Wouldn’t it follow that a DJ-6 would be 2WD? The front amber turn signal lenses made of plastic indicate that it’s a ’65 on, and so does the heater. A quick search shows that this question was recently discussed about this same vehicle by someone on the Early CJ-5 forum.

    This link shows that it’s a DJ-6. But what physically distinguishes it as a DJ rather than a CJ? I see no differences between a regular old CJ-6..

  2. Pascal

    I did asked the question through a friend (F Bill) on the earlycj5 forum. I did registered two times with the forum but my account always get deleted. I don’t know why. I did posted it as well on the 3A forum.
    Look like the 4wd was an easy things to add. I just want feedback from all of you guy. I’m in the “old” jeep world since last year when I bought my 3A 1950. I’m not a guru but I’m learning. Thanks and keeping comments it.

  3. Steve E.

    Great find, Pascal! I will have a CJ-6 some day. I’m working on it…..

    I like the dual tank setup. Does it look like it was converted to 4WD? Is there evidence of three-on-the-tree?

  4. Robert

    It was originally a 2 wheel drive DJ6. I have serial # 10063. There were 168 made in 1965, which was the first year, and a total of approximately 4353 total till 1973 when 23 were made. Mine has dual tanks as well with a 4 cyl. Quite a few ended up with people converting them to 4×4 as all cj5 components fitted under them will ease and they were 20 inches longer making them more stable. Good luck mine resides in Alberta Canada.

  5. Pascal

    Wow! That’s amazing. Two DJ-6 in Canada. with subsequent number. I like that. I would like to know more about your. Is it you that post a question about it on forum? Here is my e-mail address I would like to see picture of your. Does it have an hard top? How does the passenger seat is installed over the second fuel tank?

  6. Pascal

    Do you have an handle like mine on the driver side? Would like to see your rear bumper? Does your is still 2wd? I have a long drive shaft which is 3″ diameter for the rear.

  7. Robert

    Have fun with your restoration. I don’t know if I will get to mine as I am now working in Saskatchewan and don’t seem to find time when I get home for a weekend. If you are interested or any one else is interested it would probably be for sale. I gathered up some misc. parts but it is just sitting.

  8. Run DMC

    Yours is a DJ6, which was made alongside the DJ5. It probably sold @ a govt auction, then modified w/4WD. The 86 in serial # confirms it’s a DJ6. Another confirmer would be a metal plate on the dash, which was a plate signifying to what govt office it was sold (forestry/postal/border patrol, etc)

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