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UAL Modified Flatfender Jeep

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UPDATE: Marc spotted these pics of the same jeep on Flickr:

Original Post: Terry’s brother works at the United Maintenance Base for United Airlines in San Francisco.  His brother said this was a CJ-2A that still roams the airport.  Terry himself owns a former CJ-3B Belt Loader that still has the United Airlines Hobbs Meter on the Dash.


Here’s the Hobbs Meter on Terry’s CJ-3B:



8 Comments on “UAL Modified Flatfender Jeep

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Interesting and somewhat hard to believe that somebody in today’s corporate world took the effort to keep this running and updated enough to make this a useful piece of contemporary airport maintenance equipment.
    My hat’s off to whoever at United is behind this. It shows what most of us already know, that even today the high performance of this classic workhorse can still be relevant.
    And I especially like the metalwork behind the seats…

  2. Dan B.

    Love this thing. At the folks who’ve built and maintained it over the years deserves cheers and beers.

  3. Marty

    My sister is a flight attendent crew chief for United and she loved the pic. She has seen it operate. She now flys out of Houston. pretty cool looking. Thank for sharing.

  4. Steve E.

    Great functional, enduring Jeep. I agree with every comment above, especially Penn. Steve’s and Dan B’s fine words. I hope we can see a photo of the belt loader next…..

    Maybe United will let Terry’s brother drive this Jeep to the next Willys America Open House in July.

    **Steve E.**


    Having been in aviation for 25 years thus far this must be the best flight line vehicle I have seen (not only because it is a Jeep). I have seen them across Africa, all sorts (the DRC must be the worst) and even here in SA the airlines/maintenance company’s have no pride in their vehicles.

    Good on UAL and this CJ-2A for surviving.


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