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Wanted: Full Floater Parts or an Axle

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Greg wants to add full floater hubs to his rig, but needs a couple items.

He writes, “Looking for a floater kit or pieces to make my rear D44 CJ axle a floater for flat towing. I’m using Dualmatic locking hubs up front, and have two additional spare sets I’ll use to build the back hubs. Primarily just need the axles if anyone may have a spare set. Or perhaps someone has a long one I can cut down, and respline for the long side, then I’ll use my long side to cut for the short one.”


3 Comments on “Wanted: Full Floater Parts or an Axle

  1. Marty Tilford

    Contact He should have all the parts you need. You don’t need the buy the whole kit. He will sell any of the parts from the kit seperate. Just get ahold of him.
    Marty (herm’s son)

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